Rocket PASSPORT 3270 Emulator

Rocket PASSPORT is a powerful 3270 emulator that includes both enhanced TN3270E emulation and basic TN3270 emulation. Rocket PASSPORT offers high quality, reliable IBM mainframe access from Microsoft Windows desktops.

Rocket PASSPORT is also extremely cost effective. We provide a subscription based licensing program that can reduce your terminal emulation software acquisition cost and maintenance cost significantly. This makes upgrading from another terminal emulator a very attractive proposition. Rocket PASSPORT 3270 Emulator Rocket PASSPORT is a powerful 3270 emulator that includes both enhanced TN3270E emulation and basic TN3270 emulation. Rocket PASSPORT offers high quality, reliable IBM mainframe access from Microsoft Windows desktops.

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As one of the market's very first IP-based 3270 connectivity solutions, the mature, feature-rich package is an ideal replacement for other desktop-based emulators. With its competitive pricing and licensing options, you can save 30% to 80% on the amount of money you would normally spend for terminal emulation software.

We have a long history of developing IBM terminal emulator software and innovative host access solutions. We are a Microsoft Certified Solution Partner, Citrix Premier Alliance Partner, a member of IBM PartnerWorld for Developers, Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN), Cisco Enterprise Associates Program (EAP), and the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) TN3270E/TN5250E Working Group.

Rocket PASSPORT Terminal Emulator Highlights

  • Provides access to IBM System z (mainframe), IBM i (AS/400) and Open World (UNIX, Linux) host applications

  • Offers TN3270E, TN5250E, VT420, VT220, VT100, SCO ANSI and Wyse 60 terminal emulation

  • FTP file transfer client (standalone / imbedded)

  • Certified Compatible with Windows 7

  • Wide variety of deployment options: MSI package, Microsoft IIS, IBM WebSphere Application Server, other Web Servers, Citrix, VMware and other virtual servers

  • Easy customization and distribution of configuration files via MST or HTTP Servers

  • Advanced TLS/SSL and SSH security available for each host session, emulation or FTP

  • IND$FILE file transfer to IBM system z

  • HLLAPI standard interface for supporting any existing HLLAPI applications

  • Object API available for new or existing screen-based integration projects

  • VBScript used to record, edit and run productivity enhancing macros

  • Using the latest Microsoft technologies, Rocket PASSPORT has an updated look and feel compatible with today's Microsoft applications

  • Host printing supported through the TN3270E or TN5250E client

  • Pass-through printing available for VT or SCO ANSI client

  • Fully customizable keyboard, mouse, keypads, toolbars, hotspots, colors, fonts, cursor and more


There are two versions of the Rocket PASSPORT 3270 emulator and which version you choose to use depends largely on how you want to deploy the application.

Our best selling terminal emulator, Rocket PASSPORT, can be installed on Citrix, Microsoft or VMware network or virtual servers, distributed via MSI, published using standard software distribution products or installed locally on individual desktops.

Customers also have the option of storing and distributing Rocket PASSPORT session configuration information locally or on any HTTP server, allowing users to gain access to centrally stored configuration files.

Rocket PASSPORT is recommended for organizations that seek advanced terminal emulation designed and certified for Microsoft Windows 7 and is commonly used as an alternative to terminal emulators from Attachmate and Micro Focus.

To ease the transition to Rocket PASSPORT, Attachmate and other user configuration files can be converted into the Rocket PASSPORT format during installation. We also offer free macro conversion software and services.

Rocket PASSPORT Web to Host® is an ActiveX terminal emulation program designed specifically for Microsoft Internet Explorer. The web-based terminal emulator can be deployed from a standard web server, most commonly a Microsoft IIS Server, but can also be installed on any platform, including IBM System z, if running IBM’s WebSphere Application Server (WAS), Apache Tomcat, BEA Weblogic or compatible web servers. Rocket PASSPORT Web to Host provides an administrator program for centralized configuration and administration all software and configuration files reside on the web server.

When the Rocket PASSPORT Web to Host session is launched, an ActiveX applet is downloaded from the web server to the client desktop and runs inside of Internet Explorer. For organizations or users with strict IE security settings, Rocket PASSPORT Web to Host also offers the ability to use MSI Client install to download and install the Rocket PASSPORT Web to Host client.

The ActiveX component is only downloaded the first time a session is launched, or whenever the server version of the ActiveX component changes to a newer version, and once downloaded, makes a direct 3270 connection to the designated host application.

Both Rocket PASSPORT and Rocket PASSPORT Web to Host offer access to business applications found on IBM System z and IBM i hosts or Open World (UNIX and Linux) platforms.  Both products are supplied with comprehensive API’s and so can be used to integrate host applications with other web, network or desktop applications. The Rocket PASSPORT 3270 emulator also includes powerful macros, full customization and more.

Telnet 3270 Host Connection Support

Rocket PASSPORT supports all telnet features defined in the IETF 1576 (TN3270 Current Practices) and IETF 2355 (TN3270 Enhancements) specifications. Telnet 3270 is terminal emulation that uses the TCP/IP Internet protocol for communication between a telnet client and server. Rocket PASSPORT is compatible with all TN3270 and TN3270E servers that support these IETF specifications.

These TN3270 telnet servers include the IBM Communication Server that is provided with IBM zOS, OS/390, MVS TCP/IP and VM TCP/IP. For IBM VSE, the Telnet TN3270 servers from Connectivity Systems and Barnard Systems are supported. The Cisco CIP and CPA TN3270 servers, Microsoft SNA Server, Microsoft HIS Server and others are are also supported.

Rocket PASSPORT provides connection to generic, dedicated and specific LU pools. Full support for NVT, SSCP-LU and LU-LU sessions is provided. Auto-reconnect is configured to automatically re-establish the session after a logoff is performed. Hot back up for connection to alternate IP host names is also provided.

TN3270E SSL/TLS Security

Rocket PASSPORT implements advanced security features using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) authentication and encryption providing secure data access across TCP/IP networks. With the built-in security of SSL/TLS, your emulation sessions are now protected from eavesdropping, tampering, or message forgery over TCP/IP. This feature can be critical for those organizations that access sensitive data on corporate mainframes remotely, or across the Internet. Rocket PASSPORT is FIPS 140-2 compliant.

Display Sessions

Rocket PASSPORT supports many IBM 3270 terminal types. The term IBM 3270 actually refers to an entire family of IBM mainframe host connectivity devices. Terminal emulation for both the monochrome IBM 3278 and the extended color IBM 3279 terminal are supported with four different screen sizes each. The screen sizes include model 2 (24 rows x 80 columns), model 3 (32 rows x 80 columns), model 4 (43 rows x 80 columns), and model 5 (27 rows x 132 columns).

Host Printer Sessions

Rocket PASSPORT provides IBM 3287 LU type 1 and LU type 3 host printer emulation. The LU type 3 printer emulation is also known as Data Stream Control (DSC) host printing and is an older method of building and printing pages of host data. The LU type 1 printer emulation is referred to as SNA Character Sting (SCS) host printing and provides newer more advanced printing functions such as transparent printing. Transparent printing allows the IBM mainframe application to send character codes directly to the printer without any EBCDIC to ANSI code page translation.

The printer session provides many configuration options including the font, number of rows and columns on the page, printer margins, transparent printing, printer initialization and closing character strings, modification of host code page translation tables, as well as many other features.

Macro Scripting

The Rocket PASSPORT macro scripting language is based on the Microsoft Visual Basic scripting language. Macro scripts are used to automate common repetitive tasks. A macro script can be assigned to a key on the keyboard, keypad, toolbar, button bar or mouse button. A macro script can be run when hotspot text is clicked on with the mouse. A start-up logon macro can be configured to automatically run after connection when the host session is established.

When a macro command is executed, Rocket PASSPORT runs a separate program that is actually a HLLAPI application. This HLLAPI application utilizes both the Microsoft VB Script and the Rocket PASSPORT HLLAPI module to run the macro.

APIs for Screen Scraping Applications

Rocket PASSPORT includes 2 APIs for screen-based legacy integration: Rocket PASSPORT HLLAPI (High Level Language Application Program Interface) and Rocket PASSPORT Object API.

HLLAPI is an older industry standard method for writing PC based programs that need to communicate with an IBM System Z mainframe using a terminal emulation program. Typical HLLAPI applications can present users with a more friendly user interface to host applications and can be used to automate routine functions such as file transfer. Rocket PASSPORT supports 32-bit application programs, but does not support 16-bit HLLAPI or DOS HLLAPI programs.

Rocket PASSPORT also provides an Object API (Application Programming Interface) for new screen scraping projects. Both Rocket PASSPORT PC to Host® and Rocket PASSPORT Web to Host® include the Attachmate-compatible Object API that lets you reuse existing screen-scraping applications written for Attachmate EXTRA!®. In most cases, the Attachmate EXTRA! screen-scraping applications can be used 'as-is' with the Rocket PASSPORT alternative terminal emulation software.

The Rocket PASSPORT Object Interface exposes terminal emulation objects such as the entire group of sessions, a single session, screen, area, OIA, keypad, etc. Applications that require host access and need to control multiple host sessions can use the Object API.

C++, Visual Basic, VB Script, Java Script or any language that can use the Microsoft COM object interface can be used for development. Developer assistance is provided to customers and opportunities with 100 or more units of the Rocket PASSPORT terminal emulation. The Rocket PASSPORT Object Toolkit, a time-saving developer resource, is available to no charge for customers or prospects with 500 or more units of the Rocket PASSPORT software.

Download the Rocket PASSPORT 3270 emulator now