PASSPORT Host Integration Objects

Rocket PASSPORT Host Integration Objects (HIO) is a non-intrusive legacy integration solution that enables object-oriented access to IBM 3270 and 5250 host applications from customer written applications using .NET or ActiveX. Rocket PASSPORT HIO applications can be deployed from a Microsoft Windows Server or desktop.

The non-intrusive legacy integration solution offers a fast, low risk approach to reusing valuable business processes that have been adapted and perfected over many years. It also eliminates the need for terminal emulation.

Rocket PASSPORT HIO has been used as:

  • Claims Agent integration solution for large insurance companies that seek to integrate 3270 applications within critical claims systems
  • Medicare access solution for large numbers of hospitals and healthcare organizations that require connectivity to the U.S. government system
  • Retail connectivity solution linking point of sale systems to IBM mainframe applications
  • Call center integration solution that can embed large numbers of host sessions that demand extensive screen scraping for productivity purposes
  • IVR integration solution connecting interactive voice response systems to 3270 applications

Running as a background communications module, developers can access the 3270/5250 connectivity application via a well-defined, object-oriented API.

You can use any Windows desktop as a development platform, then publish the Rocket PASSPORT Host Integration Objects from the desktop or a Microsoft Windows Server. Coupled with Rocket PASSPORT Terminal Control, you can develop client-based legacy integration applications with keyboard and mouse support.

You can download Rocket PASSPORT Host Integration Objects which includes sample programming source code and projects to get you started. Prior to downloading, you can view the Programming Documentation.

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Rocket PASSPORT HIO can be deployed on a server or client basis. With either method, you can use a Windows desktop as the development platform. Once ready, the developed application can be published to a Microsoft Windows Server, or to Windows desktops.

Rocket PASSPORT Host Integration Objects (Server Based)

Rocket PASSPORT HIO offers a path to host information at the screen buffer level, allowing you to read and write data to the host presentation space and input fields, open and close sessions, get specific text strings from the screen, create string values, send function keys to the host, switch to other tasks and much more. In doing so, customers can reuse critical legacy applications and proven business logic without making any changes to host code.

Rocket PASSPORT HIO and your developed application can reside on a server minimizing the host connections required, easing deployment of the application and increasing flexibility for program output and display.

Rocket PASSPORT Host Integration Objects (Client Based)

Rocket PASSPORT HIO also includes the Rocket PASSPORT Terminal Control object, which lets developers embed a fully functioning Rocket PASSPORT TN3270 or TN5250 client emulator inside another client based application. Through use of the Rocket PASSPORT HIO Terminal Control, 3270 or 5250 host "green" screens can be exposed to the end user, similar to an IBM terminal, and full use of the PC keyboard is available to interact with the 3270 or 5250 host application. Rocket PASSPORT HIO Terminal Control is ideal for advanced Windows client-based legacy integration projects.

How Rocket PASSPORT HIO Works

Using Microsoft's Visual Studio, you can create composite integration applications that require fast, reliable access to existing IBM 3270 or 5250 applications.

Rocket PASSPORT Host Integration Objects, based on the Internet Engineering Task Force OHIO draft, includes direct TN3270 and TN5250 connectivity to critical legacy applications using IP. Separate terminal emulation is not required for host access. Sample programs, documentation and a test program that demonstrates the use of each object Method, Property and Event are included in our solution.

How Rocket PASSPORT HIO is Licensed

Available via an annual subscription-based license that includes the cost of the software, access to technical support and all product upgrades, Rocket PASSPORT Host Integration Objects offers one of the most inexpensive approaches to dependable legacy integration.

Rocket PASSPORT HIO is licensed either via server volume and numbers of concurrent sessions or for the terminal control deployment on the number of client machines.

The Server version has a minimum of 1 Server with 10 Concurrent Sessions, while a minimum of 500 Client licenses is required for the Rocket PASSPORT HIO Terminal Control. More Information

Download Rocket PASSPORT for Legacy Integration