Rocket PASSPORT UNIX® Emulator

The Rocket PASSPORT UNIX® emulator provides high quality, reliable VT/100, VT/220 and VT/420 access to UNIX® applications from Windows desktops. The Rocket PASSPORT UNIX® emulator is extremely cost effective. We provide a subscription based licensing program that can reduce your UNIX® emulator acquisition cost and maintenance cost significantly.

As one of the market's very first IP-based connectivity solutions, the mature, feature-rich package is an ideal alternative to other desktop-based emulators, includingAttachmate® EXTRA!® or Reflection® or NetManage® Rumba®.

Download the Rocket PASSPORT UNIX Terminal Emulator

Rocket PASSPORT Terminal Emulator Highlights

  • Provides access to IBM System z (mainframe), IBM i (AS/400) and Open World (UNIX, Linux) host applications

  • Offers TN3270E, TN5250E, VT420, VT220, VT100, SCO ANSI and Wyse 60 terminal emulation

  • FTP file transfer client (standalone / imbedded)

  • Certified Compatible with Windows 7

  • Wide variety of deployment options: MSI package, Microsoft IIS, IBM WebSphere Application Server, other Web Servers, Citrix, VMware and other virtual servers

  • Easy customization and distribution of configuration files via MST or HTTP Servers

  • Advanced TLS/SSL and SSH security available for each host session, emulation or FTP

  • IND$FILE file transfer to IBM system z

  • HLLAPI standard interface for supporting any existing HLLAPI applications

  • Object API available for new or existing screen-based integration projects

  • VBScript used to record, edit and run productivity enhancing macros

  • Using the latest Microsoft technologies, Rocket PASSPORT has an updated look and feel compatible with today's Microsoft applications

  • Host printing supported through the TN3270E or TN5250E client

  • Pass-through printing available for VT or SCO ANSI client

  • Fully customizable keyboard, mouse, keypads, toolbars, hotspots, colors, fonts, cursor and more

UNIX® Telnet Connection Support

Rocket PASSPORT supports the telnet host access features defined in the IETF Telnet specifications, DEC VT52, DEC VT100, VT220 and VT420 Programmer's Reference manuals. Telnet terminal emulation uses the TCP/IP Internet protocol for communication between a telnet client and a telnet server. Rocket PASSPORT is compatible with all DEC and UNIX® hosts that adhere to these specifications. Both 7-bit and 8-bit VT emulation are supported.

Rocket PASSPORT provides a method to specify the text string used for the Telnet device type. Rocket PASSPORT uses the standard telnet device types "VT52", "VT100", "VT220" and "VT420". However, some VT hosts may require a non-standard telnet device type such as "DEC-VT220". Auto-reconnect is a configurable option that can automatically re-establish the emulator session after a telnet logoff is performed. Hot back up for connection to alternate IP host names is also provided.

For More Information

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Quicktrial or Download Options

There are two ways to evaluate the Rocket PASSPORT UNIX® emulator: either download a copy of the software or do a Quicktrial of the Rocket PASSPORT Web to Host® application. With Quicktrial, there is no server installation, you simply download the client from our web server. This is a fast and easy way to look at the Rocket PASSPORT Web to Host® software. For those that want to install the Rocket PASSPORT Web to Host® software on their own web server, you can download the full working copy of the software and complete a full evaluation.

Download the Rocket PASSPORT UNIX Terminal Emulator